Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nolans going to be a BIG brother!

Nathan and I are happy to finally announce we are expecting baby number 3 our little rainbow. Nolan will finally be a big brother and lexi is so happy to be a big sister once again :)'s all so bitter sweet becuase nolan is not physically here it makes my heart hurt that my whole family isnt together. Yesterday we had the nuchal ultrasound for this baby and is measuring 13 weeks 5 days. All looks amazing but prayers are welcome for the health of this new blessing.


Lior said...

Congratulations !!! Wonderful news !!!

gailclarke said...

Joy to your family.

Kiley said...

Congratulations!!! I know how hard it is to start "new" and still feel like something is missing. After our sweet Anabelle died and our 3rd baby came into the world I always felt like something was missing. Family pictures, outing, family gatherings. It was never the same. Even now that I am on my 7th baby (including Anabelle) I still always feel like a piece of my family is missing.

I just look at how blessed I am that I have the best Angel looking down and watching over. Its pretty special to say that you personally know an angel. I think Nolan will always know his new baby brother/sister in ways that you will never imagine.


And it looks like we are probably right around the same due date!! Happy Pregnancy!!