Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 years already!

Well today is your 2nd Birthday! You came into this world June 25 2009 at defied every odd in your 19 months here on earth! Today was hard not celebrating with you but i know your always in my heart, daddy ,mommy and sister stil celebrated your life today, with family and friends.We had a BBQ,watched your video,listened to your songs,released balloons with 2 notes on them hoping someone will find them so we can raise more awareness about trisomy 18! and had cake it was a bittersweet day.I love everything about you, you have changed me for the better .I love you son. Forever.


Nan P. said...

What a beautiful post. And so nice you could celebrate such a remarkable little boy with your family. I am sending you my warmest wishes at this very special time.