Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mama misses her sweet boy

Nolan, mama misses your sweet face.I enjoy all the memories you gave us i always smile and laugh telling people about the cute things you used to do that made you "nolie" how everymorning you would be kicking your legs in your crib when you seen me peeking at you through the bars.Or how when i would cook in the kitchen and you'd be next to me in your excersaucer looking up at me like i was the greatest mommy in the world.That look that daddy couldnt get over, daddy said,"i never seen another boy besides me look at you the way the nolan does,he looks at you like wow your really my mom" brought tears to my eyes you always stared at me like you wanted to just say thank you for the life i gave you.You were amazing litte man.I love you.


Lacey J said...

Keep doing this, it is a great outlet for you and a way for everyone to know about your precious Nolan, take care of yourselves and remember that soon there will be an end to pain and suffering. Love,