Monday, October 18, 2010

Nolan scared me...

Very early in the morning at 2:30am Nolan woke me up with a blood curdling scream, i have never heard this from him, so i was very concerned.I had to yell out "help Me" to wake my little sister up.I needed the phone, i was about to call 911 as i holding nolans right arm down(he has been twisting his right arm backward then pressing so i thought he might have broken it in his sleep) i also thought maybe he stopped breathing breifly then came out of it,( he has never stopped stopped breathing before) since i didnt have the monitor on him last night,i really didntknow what caused him to do this.But eventually he did calm down and we cuddled for about half hour before i put him back to sleep.He loves being hummed to while being rocked...after i set himback in the playpen to sleep, i hooked him up to the monitor, everything was perfect.Today he seems to be himself so maybe his arm might of fallin asleep or maybe he had a nightmare,i have no idea what this was, but it freeked me right out.