Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 25 2007- LEXI is now 3!!

Our Saturday september 25 2010 went awesome! we packed up the kids early morning and headed to the great mall West Ed.We planned that we would take lexi on few rides and treat us all to the sea lion show, which by the way was excellent!Lexi didnt take her eyes off Clara the entire time.We took the babies down into the sea cavern as well, where they both seen penguins,a croc,3 huge sharks,3 gigantic turtles!, and many other sea lifecreatures, it was pretty amazing.Then that evening we came home and packed for the weekend at my moms, they threw a party for lexi with a great BBQ, and tons of presents from family, she did well this year!Nolana got a few things too, since he did turn 15 months!! Happy birthday to him too :D.Later on in the evening the entire family went down to the athabasca river, where lexi threw rocks and we adored the sceanery,It was one of the greatest weekends every we all enjoyed ourselves.