Friday, October 2, 2009

Nolans Weight update

Nolans nurse Natalie came this morning at 9:15am to do a weekly check-up on nolan,She listened to his heart and lungs,both were perfect.Just looking at him she couldnt believe how great he looked! His weight was 7lbs 12oz.!!!! hes doing fabulous :) we worked it out to about 4.5oz. a week which is great for a trisomy 18 baby! He's up to 4oz of formula now and handles it great, no spit ups.He still is being tube fed but we still give him a try at the bottle every feeding.We are just amazed that he is 97 days old! hes had more birthdays then his big sister Lexi LOL!
We also got a call back from CBC news they followed our photographer during her session with Nolan here at home in what she does for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, it was her first live photoshoot with a baby who survived an illness like this.Our story will air sometime next week, we get the DVD of it all too! we are thankful that we got to share our story with people and are excited for thousands to see our wonderful baby boy Nolan! So watch CBC news: i will post when it airs.